Drawing Stories

I've always loved creating stories and illustrations, these are a little selection of some personal  projects I'm playing around with as part of my research for my upcoming MA studies at AUB where I'll be spending a year on the Animation Production course. 

I'm interested in exploring the idea of animation moving beyond pure entertainment, creating a visual sense of place which is intuitive, mindful and pre-logical.

I've always wanted to create a virtual walk in multi sensory sketchbook experience and using the same concept to create multi sensory spaces for those with special needs. 

I've been fascinated with story boarding since I was a child and how a fun activity for me has now become something I can put to good use.

When I watch many titles and credits for films it fascinates me on how it affects the viewer's subconscious even before the film has started. 

When I was 24  I wanted to do animation and I can't believe I am now having the opportunity to study animation production at Arts University Bournemouth. My background is illustration and technical drawing but I experiment with multiple practices which has now lead me to animation.

I would love to be able to use my skillset and passion and create story boards for film, tourism and concepts for ventures which may benefit the health and wellfare of those who can't express themselves. 

The thing I am most passionate about and truly believe is crucial to all art, is be able to draw.