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As a qualified illustrator and practicing fine artist, with 20 years’ experience, and with a few exhibitions under her belt Sarah moved into tutoring. She has now been tutoring for 3 years and has found the lessons have not only increased her student’s artistic skill but also helped them emotionally too, especially in this hectic world we live in.

Sarah encourages and guides people of all abilities and personalities – ranging from absolute beginners to helping degree students with the ‘fundamentals’ of hand drawing and painting to enable them to bring their idea’s to life. Sarah’s positive approach is very adaptably, light hearted and relaxed, with her belief being that each person is an individual and in turn this means they learn in a different way, and this requires each person to feel comfortable for their confidence to grow. She avoids much of the jargon and finds experimental and fun ways for students to understand a process and enjoy it at the same time.

As a result of travelling to many countries around the world whilst sketching, and experiencing some inspiring cultures Sarah feels that art breaks down barriers and loves to see the enthusiasm of her students when they realise they are discovering something new not just about the world around them but also themselves.

Sarah is a passionate and expressive artist specialising in capturing the world around her in her sketchbooks which then leads to more permanent pieces in a variety of mediums.

Particular expertise in Reportage Sketching, Water colour, ink and Drawing in all forms.  

Other art Areas:

Water colour, Oils, Gouche, Acrylic

Drawing – all forms and media.

Ink work.

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