Sarah L Goy 

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A pilot project with Urologist in the NHS, exploring how a different kind of medical explainer video might  be made. Visual Arts and Medicine working together to help men dealing with Prostate treatments. 



The Art of the Zoetrope: Spring 2022.

With Professor Eric Dyer. Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professor - Arts University Bournemouth, UK- Spring ‘22 

A 10 week project led by Professor Eric Dyer, - Animation, Visual Arts, UMBC

This multidisciplinary project resulted in unique forms of tactile animation being created. Professor Dyer mentored 10 artists, over a 10 week period resulting in an exhibition, a hosted symposium and external presenters speaking about their research in the area  of expanded animation and its potential.  As an artist in residence, (Innovation Studio at AUB) I was fortunate to have been part of this unique experience and finding new ways to represent the invisible, exploring how the Zoetrope might be used  in the realms of health and wellbeing. 

Creating moving imagery representing my sensations experienced during an Epileptic seizure 

01a Stills from Seizing the moment 1.jpg