Exploring ' mark making and drawing  with a cross cultural and global mind set, questioning if we have become too digital and losing touch with the human need to make a mark, expressing ourselves in an instinctual way, celebrating  our culture and traditions and recording the world and environment around us. 


Through my travels, my drawing and mark making has broke down many barriers, it is a language which can be understood when words can not. 

Have we lost an element of 'being part of something' as we become more digital and is there more isolation and a sense of not 'belonging' as we lose touch with traditional mark making and drawing? 



These pieces are part of an exploratory project using a variety of materials, where I compare and contrast urban settings of architecture and man made design to that of nature, using a variety of gestural and intuitive marks.

I imagine the vibrations and radio waves from digital devices as a form of pollution, and represent them with the harsher lines. 

Such devices as our phones, tablets and or technology were intended to improve our global communication with each other, yet in contrast seems to have resulted in a greater sense of isolation and lack of connection between one person and another but also between man made and nature.