A new year and a New Site - Sketching everyday

A new year and a new site, this is for my art work inspired by my sketches.

I sketch pretty much everyday and have boxes full of sketch books

So, I thought I’d start sharing some of the stories behind the sketches and other bits and pieces I’ve learnt along the way - for example some art materials work better in different climates, also if you travel you have to adapt your drawing or sketching style to suit the environment... I even used the jungle rain water one time. ;-) brings a whole new meaning to water colour! 

I’ve just come back from a trip to Asia and I what a beautiful place it is - the people are genuine and welcoming - the scenes are stunning so I’ll be sharing some of that along the way. 

Not all my images are of the obvious, I like to try and catch snapshots of the everyday, I saw these two friends laughing and chatting whilst holding up their bike ( Bali , UBud)

Now I need to shoot off to get on with my Open University studies but I’ll be back to the art later. 

 Give Sketching a go - the guys I’m teaching love it! 

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