Water colour from the beginning

Many of my students love water colour and want to dive in ... which is fantastic but when we look at the vast mass of colours in the paint tin they become daunted and ask ' I don't know where to start'.

I always start with red, yellow and blue - the primary colours. We go through how to mix these colours and make affective marks with them, I take away some of the arty jargon and encourage them to enjoy this beautiful and fluid medium.

Practicing mark making and simple techniques ranging from washes, dropping in and so much more.

After getting a feel for the colour and some of the marks that could be made

we then went on to create images

Each session has a different theme and so a different finished piece from each person.

I love to see how their work becomes so unique to each of them.

After sketching out some images from my own sketch books ( this one was my Egyptian book) the students then applied what they had learnt...

Here we had a fruit themed afternoon and I just love how they have used the negative space and had a go at creating the right colour combination for shadows.

I'll be updating my blog with the guy's progress but also with little tips, recommended products and some of my own work and projects.

Don't be afraid to give something a go.. we're all creative at heart :)

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