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 Sarah L Goy

Travel Sketches

Sarah sketches and records all her travels. This has resulted in a vast selection of sketchbooks and inspiration for further art pieces.

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A British interdisciplinary artist, educator and researcher exploring the crossing of boundaries between one art form and another and how art, design and technology can be used to benefit our health


Sarah initially studied Fine Art at Reigate art School which then led to Illustration and Technical drawing at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. Her focus has always been on  Natural History illustration with a specialisation in drawing and painting from life. Inspired by her travels she aims to capture every day moments in her sketch books, which are the foundations for all her other works.

" sketching onsite isn't just about what you see but what you hear, smell, touch, taste,  feel, the conversations you have with locals, the stories they tell you and sometimes sensations that can't be explained with words, an energy that is different in each country, location or time' ( S L Goy). 

Although taking an analogue and tactile approach to her practice Sarah has become interested in  the possibilities and potential of technology, experimental animation and the moving image and how they might be used beyond pure entertainment. This became part of her post graduate research on the MA Animation Production course at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), which resulted in her gaining a Distinction. From this she is to start her artist in residency at the new Innovation studio based at AUB, taking her analogue and intuitive approach into the world of VR/ MR and AI.



Teaching as a visiting lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth ( AUB), creating and presenting new courses with the emphasis on ' art for all'. Encouraging students to enjoy the process of creating and getting in touch with their inner child.

Sarah also creates and runs online art therapy styled creative sessions, again, encouraging a sense of play through which new skills are gained, whilst encouraging a sense of community and inclusivity.



Areas of interest:

The invisible, and how it can be represented by art, design and the moving image, creating immersive emotive experiences.

How can creative innovation and technology, be used to represent altered states of consciousness, with a specific interest in Neurological conditions and Neuro divergence.

How can the Entopic Phenomenon, the invisible that connects each of us, regardless of gender, culture, age be visualised/shared/ communicated and seen by another? 


MA (Distinction) Animation Production - AUB ( Arts University Bournemouth)

BA History of Art  (Hons) (Open University)

Natural History Illustration and Design, ND, HND (Bournemouth & Poole Art College)

Fine Art, ND (Reigate)

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