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Sarah L Goy
Visual Artist 

Sarah L Goy, Visual Artist, Experimental Film maker, Facilitator and Educator

MA, (Dist) - Animation Production.

Sarah is a Hampshire based practicing mixed media artist and educator, she is also researching the positive impact of group creativity on the health and wellbeing of Neuro Diverse communities and on those who are often unheard or overlooked.


She shares her passion for creativity and its health benefits by writing and facilitating wellbeing creative workshops where the focus is on 'inclusivity' 'connectedness' and 'empowerment' through a playful approach to 'making'.


Much of Sarah's art work is influenced by her own lived experience of having drug resistant Epilepsy and a rare genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).


She often reflects upon her own Neuro divergence, and the electrical misfirings in her brain, in an attempt to share, and invite viewers into her inner mind, often finding beauty in unexpected places. By exploring experimental animation's potential beyond  entertainment, she questions how the 'moving image' or ' moving art', might represent the invisible, especially within the world of Neurology.




Sarah 'plays' with the 'moving image' in the same way she approaches water colour, sketching and drawing, embracing the merging of boundaries between one discipline and another. Her interest in interdisciplinary research explores how Art, Science and Health can come together. She questions how art might create alternative forms of communication, and how as a form of world building it might also aid our health and wellbeing creating calming and meditative spaces. ​ 'Creative Play' is a fundamental element to Sarah's practice as this allows her to explore, test, experiment and break the confinements we place upon ourselves when reaching adulthood. This method is also applied to her teaching style, and therapeutic art workshops. ​ Sarah is always open to possible collaborations particularly within the areas of Wellbeing, Mindfulness and how Art and health can come together - please contact via email   ​ ​ Sarah is also a visiting Lecturer - BA/MA Animation Production and Short Courses at Arts University Bournemouth  and hosts wellbeing community art workshops at Southampton City Art Gallery. DBS checked.

The art of the Zoetrope made by hand

The art of the Zoetrope made by hand

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Zoetrope - 1.2m circumference - Water colour, collage, wood and paper. ( 2022) 


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