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Sarah L Goy
Visual Artist - Moving Art 

Sarah L Goy, Visual Artist, Experimental Film maker, Eductator,  MA, (Dist) - Animation Production.

Sarah is a practicing artist based in Hampshire, UK with a love of sketching from life. She lives with her ever patient partner, 1 dog and 1 cat with the green Hampshire countryside on her door step. She lectures at Arts University Bournemouth and runs both online and face to face therapeutic community art workshops. 


Much of Sarah's practice is influenced by her own experience of having drug resistant Epilepsy and a rare genetic disease called TSC ( Tuberous Sclerosis Complex). Reflecting upon her Neuro divergence, and the electrical misfirings in her brain, she attempts to share, and invite viewers into her inner mind, often finding beauty in unexpected places.


Sarah's explores experimental animation's potential beyond  entertainment, and how the 'moving image' or ' moving art', might represent the invisible, especially within the world of Neurology.