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Some of my Favourite suppliers and products:


pink pig .png

Sketch books

Pink Pig sketch books are great, value for money, lots of cool colours and great British made paper. If You're a student or you do a lot of sketching I would recommend. The paper can take water colour, ink, pencil and pencil. The staff are super helpful too.  Click on the pig for the link sketchbooks - These are gorgeous books, the paper is slightly creamy, smooth but with a

 great texture for both ink, pencil and water colour. They come in different sizes and have cute little pockets where you can keep tickets and paper notes. The elastic around the outside is handy too when you sling it in your bag. A bit more pricey but worth it.  Quite a few suppliers do them but they're not found quite as easily - CASS art have them 



Conte a Paris - they are just yum! They don't break, have a nice smooth feel even the very hard pencils are smooth and give a range of tone. 

cass art.png
art disc.png

Water colour paints

I prefer pans - for every day use it's Winsor Newton Artist quality - but you can also get a student range .

I do however love a few of the other more expensive ones .. but these guys are my go to paints and are in a sturdy tin. 

wins newt.jpg


Permanent pens - WHSmiths are actually ok but obviously we have Derwent, Faber-Castell etc as well.

thumb pens.jpg
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