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Sarah L Goy


Sarah is an interdisciplinary practicing artist, educator and researcher.

Her diverse body of work ranges from 2D, 3D, Installation and recently she has started exploring the possibilities of the moving image and expanded cinema.


With a background in traditional Illustration and Fine Art she always returns to this as a way to work out ideas, with her 

specialisation being drawing and painting,particularly from life. 


Inspired by her travels she aims to capture every day moments in her reportage styled sketch books, which are the foundations for all her other works.

" Sketching on location isn't just about what I see, but what I hear, smell, touch, taste and feel. Its about the conversations I have with locals and the stories they share with me.

I often have emotions and sensations that can't explain with words, and I find the only way to capture all of this is with the humble pen, paper and water colour" ( S L Goy 2020). 

S L Goy Art Inspirations 


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